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Linosom Original Linoleum
The eco-friendly floor at a Rock-Bottom Price
$1.99 per square foot (while supplies last)

Linosom (like Marmoleum and Marmorette) has all the characteristics you want in a floor covering:

Eco-Friendly: Linosom is made from all-natural materials that come from renewable sources like linseed oil, flax seed, cork and wood flour and resins on a burlap back.

Durable Construction: Linosoms thru-color construction and scratch resistance assure that your floor retains its appearance for the life of the floor

Beautiful, Fun Colors: Linosom comes in a variety of vibrant colors and rich neutrals. This special shipment includes eleven color choices.

6632-dark brown
6672-light grey
6615-medium orange
6657 green


If you dont see a Linosom color in this shipment that will work for your project, come in to the showroom to see the full color palette of over 200 samples from Forbo Marmoleum, Armstrong Marmorette, and Johnsonite Harmonium, the three major brands of original linoleum.