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Oregonian headline reads:
Company Tackles 8,000-Piece puzzle to duplicate floor at Pittock Mansion

The kitchen floor at the Pittock Mansion looks the same today as it did 96 years ago, but Kathleen and Don Lansing and their crew at Lansing Linoleum had a heck of a time making it happen. Like most everything in the Pittock, the 400 square foot kitchen floor was extremely innovative for its day.

Made out of rubber tile (which went out of favor for residential installations over the years because it tends to absorb fats and oils), it was created using more than 8,000 interlocking pieces. Working from pieces of the original floor tile, Kathleen Lansing traced the shapes, and then transferred them to a computer system that would program an industrial water-jet saw to cut the tiles out of Johnsonite rubber slabs.

After the daunting task of reassembling the tiles into workable 1 by 1 squares, Don Lansing and lead installer Stanley Askew had to lay out the pattern mathematically to make sure it would all come together as planned. From start to finish, the project took over seven months to design and complete.

The project was challenging, but also a lot of fun. The whole shop got involved on some level. It was fascinating. The Pittock staff has done a wonderful job maintaining the restoration, and the kitchen is open to the public.

Pittock Mansion hours of operation: www.pittockmansion.com.

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Pittock Mansion- a Portland landmark Pittock window detail View from the dining room Hallway detail View from backstairs hallway Kitchen floor is a custom-made reproduction of the original 1920's rubber floor Period stove was completely restored in Montana View from the butler's pantry A challenging pattern layout with over 8000 pieces! Doorway treatment detail